This is a selection of recent publications. Additional lists are available on Middlesex University Research Repository and on the University of Nottingham Research Repository.

D’Angelo, A. (2021),The networked refugee: The role of transnational networks in the journeys across the Mediterranean. Global Networks.

D’Angelo, A., Manzoni, C. (2021), Migrant students in the UK pandemic – Impacts, schools responses and community approaches – Research Report – NIESR; University of Nottingham.

D’Angelo, A., Manzoni, C. (2021), Supporting migrant children in lockdown: time for joined-up thinking, Social Policy Association (SPA) Blog, January 28th

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D’Angelo, A. (2020). Sitting at the back? The impact of Covid19 on migrant pupils in the UK, Discover-Society [blog]

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Blitz, B., D’Angelo, A., Kofman, E. (2019), “Counting the Population in Need of International Protection”, in Evans, J., Ruane, S., Southall, H. (eds.) Data in Society: Challenging Statistics in an Age of Globalisation, Policy Press

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Ryan, L., D’Angelo, A. (2017), “Changing times: migrants’ social network analysis and the challenges of longitudinal research“, Social Networks (Gold Open Access).

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D’Angelo, A. (2014), Immigrazione e Presenza Straniera nell’Unione Europea nel 2013, in Immigrazione. Dossier Statistico 2014, Rapporto UNAR, IDOS

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Kofman, E., Vacchelli, E., D’Angelo, A. (2012): Local integration policies for newcomers in the United Kingdom. PROSINT case study report WP3.

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D’Angelo, A. (2003), La questione curdo-irachena. In A. Biagini (Ed.), C’era una volta l’Iraq. RelazionInternationali.

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