Migrant pupils in UK schools: the impact of covid

Lockdown and school closures in response to Covid-19 have caused major disruptions to the lives and educational experiences of everyone. But this impact has not been the same for all –and children from disadvantaged backgrounds are facing widening educational achievement gaps. Migrant and refugee children are particularly vulnerable, as they can be less familiar with the educational system and life in the UK. Some new arrivals face additional challenges due to language barriers, limited resources and, especially among refugees,traumatic experiences of migration.

This research project aims to investigate the impact of the Covid19 lock-down and related schools closures on the education experiences of new migrant pupils in primary and secondary UK schools.In particular the study aims to:

  • examine how these unprecedented events have affected pupils, including their ability to study, to access learning materials, to access support programmes and services, to liaise with peers, teachers and other education professionals.
  • investigate what measures have been put in place by schools, education services, and NGOs to address the specific needs of newly arrived migrant pupils and to address the short and long term impact of the lockdown(s)

This research project is led by Dr Alessio D’Angelo, Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham and Lead of the International Centre for Social and Public Policy (icPSP). The study has been reviewed and approved by the School of Sociology and Social Policy Research Ethics Committee, University of Nottingham(UK)

For further information please download the project leaflet.