Migrant Capital. Networks, Identities and Strategies

The new book I’ve co-edited with Louise Ryan and Umut Erel is out now!

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Migrant Capital presents state-of-the-art empirical, theoretical and methodological perspectives on migration, networks, social and cultural capital, exploring the ways in which these bodies of literature can inform and strengthen each other. In so doing, it brings the theoretical and methodological dimensions into dialogue with each other. The migrants discussed in the book are ethnically and socio-economically diverse and have a range of migratory trajectories and experiences. Various types of networks are looked at and compared: intra-ethnic and inter-ethnic; locally-based, national and transnational; informal and formal, including migrant community organisations. Migrant Capital is international in focus drawing on research from Australia, North America, the Caribbean and across Europe. Migration research often focuses on individual cases, thereby running the risk of over-emphasising the peculiarities of particular migrant groups and locations, leading to criticisms of empirical nationalism. The range of case studies in this collection can open up a comparative perspective in order to contribute to a broader theoretical framework rooted in empirical research.


NHS ‘Whistleblowing’ reports now available online

The report of the ‘Freedom to Speak Up Review’ on whistleblowing in the NHS has just been published. The review included research projects commissioned to Middlesex University and led by David Lewis and Alessio D’Angelo, working with colleagues Lisa Clarke, Dora Papadopoulou and Patricia Jarrett.

For further information on the Freedom to Speak Up review and the Report by Sir Rober Francis visit: https://freedomtospeakup.org.uk/

The research project reports which have informed the review are available to download here: https://freedomtospeakup.org.uk/our-research/

Further information about the work with undertook at Middlesex university are available here: http://www.mdx.ac.uk/news/2015/02/sir-robert-francis-makes-freedom-to-speak-up-recommendations

E Pluribus unum? Migrant organisations, community networks and social capital in Austerity Britain

I will be presenting this paper of mine on Friday morning at the British Sociological Association (BSA) annual conference (April 23rd-25th). To see the full conference programme click here.


E Pluribus unum? Migrant organisations, community networks and social capital in Austerity Britain Continue reading “E Pluribus unum? Migrant organisations, community networks and social capital in Austerity Britain”

Early School Leaving in the European Union: Data Availability and Reporting

This report presents a review of statistical evidence and data availability on early school leaving, school achievement, engagement and youth unemployment across the European Union, with a particular focus on 7 countries. It is the third ‘Project Paper’ within a 5-year EU project on ‘Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe’ (RESL.eu). The Social Policy Research Centre at Middlesex University is the UK partner of the consortium (lead by the University of Antwerp) and the coordinator of a large scale, longitudinal international survey. Reference: Kaye, D’Angelo, Ryan, Lorinc (2014) Early School Leaving in the European Union: Data Availability and Reporting, Project Paper No3, Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe (RESL.eu). Available online at: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/projects/resl-eu/research-content/project-papers/

Promoting Sustainable Policies for Integration – Country Reports

A number of research reports emerging from the PROSINT (Promoting Sustainable Policies for Integration) European research project are now available online. The project included case studies on the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The research on the latter country was lead by Middlesex University (Eleonore Kofman, Elena Vacchelli and Alessio D’Angelo).

For further information and to download the report click here.