European Toolkit for Schools

The European Toolkit for Schools is now online! It gives access to measures and resources from many EU countries to support effective and high quality education. The toolkit follows 2 years of work of the European Commission Working Group on Early School Leaving, which included representatives and experts from across Europe.

Really glad to have played my part in this exciting process as an advisor to the Working Group –  and looking forward to further developments!

Read more on the EUN news item here.


New ESRC grant for project on mediterranean migration

“EVI-MED – Constructing an evidence base of contemporary Mediterranean migrations”. Our new ESRC-funded research project is led by Prof. Brad Blitz, and includes Prof. Eleonore Kofman, Dr. Alessio D’Angelo, Dr. Nicola Montagna and Martin Baldwin-Edwards. We will be working in partnership with local NGOs, practictioners and academics. More details to follow soon.

Middlesex University’s press release is available here:

New and Emerging Communities in Hounslow

The Social Policy Research Centre at Middlesex University is currently working with Hounslow Borough Council to map the characteristics, needs and current use of services of 6 communities identified by the council as ‘newest and emerging’. These include: Afghan, Burmese, Sri-Lankan, Algerian, Bulgarian and Romanian.

As part of the research the SPRC will also produce a directory of relevant voluntary and community organisations working with the six groups, identifying examples of best practice, both in Hounslow and across London.

The project adopts a community engagement approach and is undertaken in partnership with the West London BMER Network and Acton Community Forum.

For further information contact:

Reducing Early School Leaving in the EU (

Together with Louise Ryan, I will be leading the UK-team of a 5-year, EU-wide research on early school leavers. The project aims to identify the factors which affect young people leaving school early and to identify successful approaches to reduce the number of young NEETs (not in education, employment or training). Led by Antwerp University (Belgium), the international research group included partners from Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Hungary and Austria.

For further information you can visit the dedicated pages on SPRC and Middlesex University websites.

An evaluation of Paiwand education services

The Impacts, Challenges and Sustainability Issues of Supplementary Education in London. An evaluation of Paiwand education services

Research Team: Prof Louise Ryan, Alessio D’Angelo, Magdolna Lorinc

The research project aims to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of the education services offered by Afghan Association Paiwand: supplementary classes for Afghan children, on one hand; and weekend school for children referred by their mainstream schools – who are not necessarily Afghan – on the other. In addition, sustainability issues and funding potentials will be assessed too.

This work is funded through the Third Sector Research Centre.

Local Authorities and Social Enterprise

Middlesex University’s Social Policy Research Centre is conducting research about local authorities in England and Wales and their level of support for social and community enterprise. As part of this we are undertaking an e-mail based survey which we would like your local authority to participate in. The findings of the research will enhance knowledge of local authority policies and initiatives on social and community enterprise and assist future strategy and policy making.
A similar study was conducted by us in 1992 and 2002 so the findings of this present survey will provide a unique insight into trends in social and community enterprise activity over the past 20 years.
The research team includes: Mel Evans, Alessio D’Angelo, Magdolna Lorinc and Malcolm Read.