Social Policy and Society – One year on

[From a Twitter thread] It is one year since Ruby Chau and I started in our role as editors of the journal Social Policy and Society (SPS). Here’s a few highlights from the last 12 months.

First of all, a huge thank you to the Social Policy Association (SPA), Cambridge University Press, the Editorial Board, our editorial officer Colleen Cusworth – and of course all the authors, guest editors and reviewers. Without them (and the work of our predecessors), none of this would have been possible.

So much going on in Social Policy, with our themed sections, those of 2021 have included: Austerity; Populism and Religion; Migrants access to services; Longitudinal research. No way to summarise all the amazing stand-alone articles. But the list is here:

The SPS website now includes special collections of articles old and new. We started with one on ‘Food Poverty’, which is still available online. More coming out soon!

The forthcoming issue on “Race, Learning and Teaching in Social Policy” also has a special webpage – with articles, video-interviews and extra content from The Social Policy Blog. This ground-breaking issue is guest edited by B. Cole, G. Craig, N. Ali.

Submitting (and peer-reviewing) articles for Social Policy and Society is even easier now that the journal has moved to ScholarOne. If you want to write for SPS, please check our detailed guidelines available here:

One of SPS key features are its ‘Themed Sections’. (The first in the series ‘Towards the Centenary of the Beveridge Report’ will be out in 2022). We welcome proposals on a range of Social Policy issues. See guidelines above – or get in touch to informally pitch an idea.

SPS is an academic journal, but we also aim to develop a community of scholars and practitioner. Key to this are its Annual Lectures. The 2021 lecture by Kevin Farnsworth and Zoe Irving – Austerity, toxicity, hostility’ – is still available here:

… and yes, stats and metrics are looking good. Though that’s not the main point, is it? 😉


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