Migrant students in the UK pandemic – Research Brief

Lockdowns and school closures in response to Covid-19 have impacted on all students in the UK, but have also acted as multipliers of educational inequalities. Among the most vulnerable are newly arrived migrant children, as they tend to be less familiar with the educational system and life in the country. Some migrant and refugee students also face challenges due to language barriers, limited resources and, in many cases, the traumatic personal experiences of migration.

This research brief contributes to addressing the information gaps about the impact of the UK pandemic on migrant students in primary and secondary schools; the responses and practices implemented by schools and other local actors; the potential ways forward at the level of policy and practice.

This document stems from an ongoing collaboration between me and Dr Chiara Manzoni at NIESR (National Institute of Economic and Social Research), and its informed from papers we presented at the Learning for Citizenship conference last May 2021. To download the report click here.


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