The Presentation of the Networked Self

My latest paper (with Louise Ryan) is now available online on Social Networks.
The presentation of the networked self: Ethics and epistemology in social network analysis” is part of a forthcoming special issue on Ethics and Social Network Analysis.

The paper explores some of the challenges and opportunities of qualitative network research and in particular it draws on the work of Goffman and Krackhardt to discuss that crucial step in between participants’ perceptions and the collection and visualisation of network data – i.e. what we call the presentation of the networked self.

The paper builds on previous publications by me, Louise Ryan and Paola Tubaro – which we undertook within the Social Network Analysis study group (SNAG) of the British Sociological Association.

Our earlier Social Networks article (“Changing times: Migrants’ social network analysis and the challenges of longitudinal research“) is one of the most downloaded in the journal -and it’s open access!


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