Migrant crisis? The Italian hotspot approach is not a solution, but it has been politically effective

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Alessio D'Angelo Middlesex UniversityMA Migration, Society and Policy Programme Leader Dr Alessio D’Angelo is a member of the Middlesex team working on ‘EVI-MED – Constructing an Evidence Base of Mediterranean Migrations’, an ESRC-DFID project. In his latest blog post, he reports from Sicily where the ‘hotspot approach’ has dramatically altered the landscape of Italy’s migrant crisis.

Over the last few months the so-called migrant crisis in the Mediterranean has been described in terms of ‘chaos’. These or related terms have been used with particular regard to the situation in Greece, which – according to the official statistics – saw nearly one million sea arrivals between January 2015 and January 2016. The ‘chaos’, however, is not in the numbers.

Reception crisis

This is, on the one hand, a crisis of international and European politics – the diplomatic stand-offs of the last few days show it quite clearly – and on the other, it is a

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MA Migration, Society and Policy

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With migration regularly at the top of the European and global agenda, the need for skilled professionals who can make sense of the raw data, grasp complex policy systems and assess their impact on contemporary societies is more apparent than ever.

This master’s degree offers a contemporary and interdisciplinary focus on migration and related socio-political and policy issues, combining theoretical, methodological and practice-oriented training relevant to a number of career routes in academia, policymaking, the public sector, the community sector and NGOs.

It features a wide range of study options from disciplines such as law, politics and sociology, as well as incorporating opportunities to undertake field trips, placements and internships, both locally and internationally.

For further information visit the MA Migration, Society and Policy or contact the programme leader (Alessio D’Angelo – a.dangelo@mdx.ac.uk)

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