Using Mixed Methods in Social Network Analysis

8 January 2014

A training event organised by the Social Network Analysis Study Group (SNAG) of the British Sociological Association (BSA) with University of Greenwich and Middlesex University.

Instructors: Alessio D’Angelo, Middlesex University; Louise Ryan, Middlesex University; Paola Tubaro, University of Greenwich.

The rising popularity of Social Network Analysis (SNA) in social sciences research is often associated with ‘quantitative’ techniques to systematically map relationships, illustrate them through graphs and analyse them statistically. However the study of the structures of social relationships has always been a central theme of sociological research using ‘qualitative’ methods. Indeed, the analysis of social networks is increasingly regarded as an ideal arena for the development of mixed-methods approaches, reconciling the ‘structure’ and ‘meaning’ of social interactions.
This workshop aims to introduce participants to mixed-methods approaches to SNA, illustrating how classical qualitative methods can shed new light on social networks, and conversely, how SNA can be usefully included in the ‘toolbox’ of the qualitative researcher.

For further information download the event flyer from SNAG webpage.


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